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Report Complaint & Misconduct

In our organization, integrity and customer satisfaction are not just a principle, but are part of our core values on which we base our business activities. We, therefore, encourage our customers, business partners and stakeholders to voice their concerns and complaints. We are convinced that transparency is the basis for trust and success and that this is the only way we can deliver exceptional performance.

Customer Feedback

The valuable input about your stay serves as a guiding light for us, enabling us to customize our services to better align with your personal expectations.

If you experience any problems during your stay or would like to give us feedback on the quality of our hotels and services, please contact us at the e-mail address below.



Report Misconduct

Our electronic reporting system is available for reporting misconduct or unethical behavior.

We support an environment of transparency and openness, so we encourage everyone to report concerns and misconduct regarding legal violations or ethical misconduct.